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The Adoption Law Firm practice is specifically focused on domestic and international adoptions.

Adoption is one of the most complex, emotional, and highly scrutinized areas of law.  The right of parents to control the destiny of their children is cherished and protected – it is neither easily broken nor easily attached.

Whether you are an expectant parent or an adoptive parent, The Adoption Law Firm can help you navigate the complex and emotional landscape of adoption.

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THUMBNAIL_IMAGEThe End of Orphan Carenow available through Amazon, is perhaps the most comprehensive work on orphan care, to date.

Samuel E. Upchurch, Jr., Founder and Chairman of the Board Oakworth Capital Bank, states that:

Sam McLure makes a scholarly case for Christians everywhere to follow the admonitions in James 1:27 to visit the orphans in their afflictions.  McLure paints a picture which expands the definition of “orphans” and the meaning of “visit” and calls on the Church to care for the unborn, the fatherless and the at risk youth everywhere. I began reading this book to write an endorsement but, as one with an adopted grandchild, found much historical and theological support for adoption.”

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