So Why Do You Need an Adoption Attorney?

Most domestic adoptions are not contested. Most are not scandals. When they are they make the news, and a fresh batch of prospective adoptive parents are scared away. What parent wants the lingering uncertainty of their precious child being taken away? These kinds of stories highlight how important it is to have your legal ducks in a row, but also how important it is to work with an excellent agency. No agency is perfect, but every birth mother who chooses adoption and every adoptive parent needs an agency – with meticulous, careful staff, who can help avoid the nightmarish situation that this biological and adoptive family is in:

Adoption Custody Battle

Situations like these make me especially grateful for the opportunity to work with Margo Harwell, Michelle Staab, Sherry Starling, and Gina Linden at Lifeline. These women work carefully for the birth mothers, work carefully for the adoptive parents, and work carefully for the stability of the child they are helping to place.  In the pursuit of a clean, stable placement, adoption professionals such as these women can make all the difference.

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