How do I prepare my kids for an adoption?

16593055798_02c2e664fa_bHere at the Adoption Law Firm, we hear a lot of concern about introducing an adopted child to their new siblings. Here are the practices we have found most helpful:

  1. 1. Involve them in the process as early as possible.

While it may not be a great idea to inform your child too early in the process, for fear of adoption not working out, involving your child early on can help them have to time to prepare to be a big brother or sister. Have them talk about the new child regularly to warm them up to the idea.

2. Have your children pray for their new sibling.

This one may seem obvious, but the power of prayer can never be understated. During prayer time, let your child say their own prayer for their new sibling. Praying for their future brother or sister will build their excitement to welcome them into the family. It will also help to show important this new child is to the family.

3. Involve your children in home preparation for the new child.

Let your others kids help set up a nursery or bedroom. Let them help pick out toys or books and give their input into what they think their new little brother or sister would like to play with. Involving your kids in little things throughout the process will help them get used to the idea that another little person is coming to join the family.

4. Read a bible story, book or watch a movie about adoption.

Teach your child about the story of Moses, Esther, or even our adoption into God’s family and relate that to how you are adopting a child into your family. There are also many secular books that have been written specifically to help introduce a new child to your family.

What has worked for your family when introducing a new sibling through adoption?


Article by Haley Horn.

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