Montgomery Couple Hosts Adoption Fundraiser – It’s Yard Sale Time!


The costs of adoption can sometimes seem overwhelming. But that’s not stopping Jason and Tracy Goodwin from pursuing their dreams of parenting through adoption.  “We want to be parents and God has put adoption on our hearts,” said Tracy. “We … Continue reading

Sometimes Blessings Fall From the Sky!


Congratulations to our newest adoptive family. Sometimes blessings fall from the sky!

Another joyous adoption!


  We are so happy for this sweet family that became official today! A huge thanks to Lowndes County Probate Judge, Judge Huelett, for making this happen. ____

How do I prepare my kids for an adoption?


Here at the Adoption Law Firm, we hear a lot of concern about introducing an adopted child to their new siblings. Here are the practices we have found most helpful: 1. Involve them in the process as early as possible. … Continue reading

Embryo Adoption + One Family’s Story


Embryo Adoption can seem like a new, somewhat confusing concept. The linked article explains one family’s journey in deciding to place their embryos up for adoption after a successful round of IVF and two more children. Click the link to read … Continue reading

Adoptions Decline, Need for Foster Homes Rising


It’s no surprise that the number of adoptions in America have been declining. Meanwhile, the number of children needing foster homes has increased. What factors play into this? The article below presents an interesting read to those wanting to know … Continue reading

Congratulations are in order!


Congratulations to this precious grandmother-granddaughter duo! Some of the best people you will meet. We are so happy for these two!

Powdered Wigs, Amal Clooney, and Joseph Kony


  The first three things that pop into my head when I hear “The Hague” are (1) Powdered Wigs, (2) Amal Clooney, and (3) Joseph Kony. In an effort to decrease the number of people like me with a minimal … Continue reading

Alabama Adoption Proceeding


The legal proceeding for adoption is different in every state. Compared to other states, Alabama’s legal proceeding for adoptions is fairly simple. Typically, there is one legal proceeding that follows physical placement of a child in your home, which is … Continue reading

Congratulations to this amazing family!


Congratulations to this amazing family that added a new member today! And a huge thank you to Judge Elizabeth North for making it possible.