Thank you to Judge Friday for Making this Adoption Dream Come True


Thanks to our awesome Jefferson County Probate Judge, Sherri Friday, for helping this great family see their adoption dreams come true. In case you’re wondering … she’s the one in the middle, playing with the baby like a sweet grandma … Continue reading »

The Real Beauty Behind Thomas Rhett’s Adoption

Screenshot 2017-05-15 14.56.02

The Real Beauty Behind Thomas Rhett’s Adoption Country singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren recently experienced the day that every adoptive parent dreams of. Their baby girl was finally home. “Willa Gray” Akins has already received more attention on … Continue reading »

Forever Families Foundation Gives $272,000 to 199 Adoptive Families


The Forever Families Foundation of Dothan, Alabama has given $272,000 to almost 200 adoptive families since its inception in 2013. On May 16, 2017 at 6:00 pm, the Dothan-based adoption granting organization will hold an Informational Evening where guest speakers … Continue reading »

The End of Orphan Care


The End of Orphan Care, now available through Amazon, is perhaps the most comprehensive work on orphan care, to date. Samuel E. Upchurch, Jr., Founder and Chairman of the Board Oakworth Capital Bank, states that: “Sam McLure makes a scholarly case for … Continue reading »

Why Do Some African Countries Discourage Adoption?

A recent article from CNN exposed the perspective of many political leaders that African adoption should be discouraged ‘at all costs’ …  U.N. Special Rapporteur, Najat M’jid Maalla, asserts that, “Due to the illegal nature of these acts, it has been … Continue reading »

Alabama Adoption Law Basics: What is adoption? Who can adopt? Who can be adopted?

BASICS OF ALABAMA ADOPTION LAW: WHAT IS AN ADOPTION? WHO MAY ADOPT? WHO CAN BE ADOPTED? Have you ever wondered how adoption is defined in Alabama? Or what about who is capable of adopting someone? How about even who is … Continue reading »

Celebrities and Adoption

What do Steve Jobs, Sarah McLachlan, Tommy Davidson, and Jamie Foxx all have in common?  They were given a life through adoption, rather than having it taken away through abortion. Are you pregnant and considering abortion?  Or do you know … Continue reading »

Orphan Care I.Q. Test – How Many Orphans?

Orphan Care I.Q.

What’s your Orphan Care I.Q.? Do you know what the need is world wide?  That seems like an important thing to know.  After all, James says that visiting orphans in their affliction is an essential element of pure religion.  (James … Continue reading »

Happy Christmas Adoption Day!!


Happy Christmas Adoption Day!  And thank you to Judge Elizabeth North for presiding over an excellent courthouse.  Holding this precious baby was the best part of my day.

How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Newborn?

The waiting period for adopting a domestic newborn can vary from less than one month to over two years.  According to Adoptive Families Magazine’s article, How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Child?, 33%  of domestic newborn adoptions having waiting periods of … Continue reading »