Stepparent/Grandparent Adoption

Sally is 12 years old and has lived with her biological mother and stepfather for as long as she can remember.  She has younger siblings that are the biological children of her mother and stepfather.  Sally has not had contact with her biological father in over six years, and calls her stepfather “Dad.”  She is happy and comfortable in her home, but is troubled by the fact that she has a different last name than the rest of her family and is not the “legal” child of her real Dad – her stepfather.

Sally’s story is typical of families wanting to give legal legitimacy to an already-existing family bond.  The process for stepparent, grandparent, or other relative adoption is highly streamlined.  In fact, many of the procedural hurdles are waived in cases where the child has lived in the relative’s home for at least one year.  The Adoption Law Firm can help guide you through this efficient and relatively inexpensive process.

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